Monday, December 15, 2008

Hunter's Whit!

Last night, Jeremy was teasing Hunter about eating his meat, and he asked him, "Hey Hunter, are you a Meat-atarian?" Hunter quickly responded, "No, I am a mac-and-cheese-aterian!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blown Out Tire

Well, driving home from picking up the kids in Layton on Friday afternoon was certainly an adventure! We were just riding along laughing and talking when all of a sudden we could hear a loud grinding noise from the back of the van. We quickly pulled over and discovered that the tire had blown out. Colton was a great help as he put his practiced abilities into effect. Luckily I had made Colton read the car's instruction manual on changing a tire when he was a WEBELO scout, because he was able to recall how to get the spare out from under the car. If I had been stranded on the road without him, I would have laid on the ground and started to cry because I NEVER would have figured it out. As it was, Colton and I were able to get it changed without too much trouble. Of course, people were honking and blaring their horns at us on the freeway, but that seemed a little strange to me until I realized that Hunter was standing against the fence facing the railroad tracks taking a leak. He can't EVER pass up the opportunity to take a leak.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


On Thanksgiving, we were all sitting around the kitchen table with our family playing a rowdy game of Yahtzee. We were all drinking soda out of our blue plastic cups and having a good time shaking the dice and laughing at each other. Our mistake in choosing blue plastic cups to drink out of was made evident when Ashlynn attempted to take a drink out of the blue plastic dice shaker. We all laughed lightly at her simple mistake; but erupted in raucous laughter when shortly after, when Laura scooped up the dice and plopped them in her cup and started shaking up her soda covered dice. Hilarious...we will make sure not to make that mistake again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Music

I have been listening to Christmas music ever since the day after Halloween. I love how it relaxes me and brings happy thoughts and feelings to me and my kids. I have been getting a lot of flack from others though as they hear me singing along or as they hear it playing on my work computer. I am surprised by each of their reasons for being bothered by such fun music. All in all though, I can't believe that they are unable or unwilling to let their hearts be filled with the Christmas spirit. Many of them, I am sure, are only willing to let it happen on Christmas day. I would hope that more people would keep the feelings of Christ's birthday in their hearts through out the year. (You can lump me in with those who need a little more spirit).

I have to tell you that when Laura and I were delivering the paper the other morning together that we were singing to the radio all of the carols at the top of our lungs in the car. We had a blast! I wonder what we sounded like when we had to stop for porches and we were singing out the window. The time certainly went by fast for us. I felt like we had been floating around the neighborhood while we were delivering...almost like a sleigh on a cloud of snow...

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!! Get in the mood!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I am starting a new diet today...detoxing for the next two weeks. No sugar and nothing that tastes good...can't wait for the jitters and the shakes! MMMMMMmmmmmm...shakes!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hunter's Testimony

We have been learning in FHE about the beginnings and the organization of the LDS church. We have been watching videos and having fun discussions about Joseph Smith's role in the history of the church. I knew Hunter was listening, but I didn't know how much he was absorbing. So last sunday when Hunter was excited to bear his own personal testimony about his beliefs at church, I was interested in hearing if he had picked up much from our lessons. Many of the other little children were easily reciting the normal, "I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet", and I figured that Hunter would include that statement also in his testimony. Early into his testimony I could tell that he was thoughtfully trying to say something about how Joseph Smith restored the gospel to the earth, since that was what we had been focusing on in our FHE lessons. He truly surprised us all though when he thoughtfully and with great confidence testified, "I know that Joseph Smith destroyed the church!" Man, was he proud of himself when he sat down. Many of us were stiffling our laughter so hard that tears were streaming down our faces. He was so sincere... He later told me that he was trying to say, "Restored the church". He knew that he had said it wrong, but he was still happy with the effort. If we could all have such faith in ourselves, we would never worry about openning our mouths to share the gospel. What a great example Hunter was to all of us on Sunday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Rainy Days and Sundays Always Get Me Down"...

The kids and I had a full weekend. We went for a bike ride in the rain (Laura got hurt going over a bump). I stood out in the rain at work for two hours letting parents know that we had cancelled their soccer games. We watched Colton play his soccer game in a terrible rain storm (He hurt his knee from an illegal slide tackle done on him). And just when I thought it couldn't rain any harder, it picked the time that I was delivering papers in the morning to dump as hard as a waterfall. Are you seeing a rainy pattern...? Luckily, I found some good deals on rain coats for the kids (after the rain finally stopped.) Oh well, we will be better prepared for the next storm.

Well, my diet and excercise program has not been very successful this week. As Laura said, "Man, we have a lot of desserts in our house!" I tried to be good, but we made fair scones (Thanks to Jeremy and Janet for supplying the irresistable mix). Who can really resist a fair scone, or two? Pudding, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, apple pie and ice cream, and of course popcorn at the dollar movie... I swear I only had a bite or two, and I never touched the cookies... Oh, and can I count walking around Walmart for an hour and a half as a good workout? If not then I didn't really get a good work out in all week. I will have to try harder this week.